Recovering from COVID-19

Thank you for contacting me regarding my LinkedIn Article “WHAT NOW?” This page will acquaint you with the 2 pronged simple approach for your organization to thrive after COVID-19. Here are the 2 tools that will help you take back your hospital or practice from COVID. I have identified what I feel are the two best tools to accomplish what your hospital or practice needs. – Kerry

Tool #1

An Accounts Receivable Recovery Service that includes…
  • A FREE risk assessment of your aging A/R
  • A FREE Summary Report highlighting Areas of Concern and Areas at Risk
  • A FREE estimate of Recoverable Income
  • An Expert Team dedicated to collecting your outstanding A/R

Tool #2

An AI-Driven Patient Engagement Solution delivered by SlicedHealth
  • Establish virtual waiting rooms to digitize the intake, prep and check-in process for patients.
  • Implement care programs that monitor 100% of your population — including rising risk patients.
  • Measure patient experience at scale and quickly intervene to recover dissatisfied patients.
  • Maintain a complete overview of your staff’s performance to improve your health system’s brand.

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